Terms & Conditions


General terms of sale 
The following terms and conditions govern the sale of products by SmartIOT Technology. By submitting your on-line order to SmartIOT Technology, you indicated that you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions of sale. In the only discretion of SmartIOT Technology these conditions can be modified without advance notice at any time before

SmartIOT Technology accepts your order.




SmartIOT Technology does not guarantee that products and services announced on our Web site will be available when ordered or later.


Terms of payment:

The payment is due by credit card, PayPal or bank tranfert. When an order passed by credit card, the account of credit card will be verified as the order passed. If your credit card is refused during the order, you have to contact us to correct the problem of payment. We do not accept the COD commands. The orders are handled that upon receipt of the payment.


Exclusion from guarantee:

When products are sent to you, their limited guarantees applicable to products are effective and are included with the shipping. Certain products can have additional guarantees supplied by the manufacturer of origin, but not by SmartIOT Technology. On our Web site, products "as it stands" have no guarantees. 


Payment Shipping and Manipulation charges and taxes:

The buyer is responsible for all the taxes or the price rates associated to your purchase. Price: the prices indicated on the Web site of SmartIOT Technology do not include postal charges, either taxes, or VAT or import and customs charges. All the prices are in Canadian dollars. For the customers outside Canada you have the possibility of having the price in US Dollar. The price charged for an order will be the current price as the order is placed.



Expedition and risks during the transport:

When products are shipped to you by common carrier, SmartIOT Technology liability to you for breakage and/or non-delivery of the products by the common carrier to you will be limited by the limits of liability provided by the common carrier's terms and conditions of carriage. 


Order Cancellation and modifications:

For the profit of our customers, we treat your orders as fast as possible. As such, the orders are sent to our warehouse for the treatment in a short time after they are placed. Because of the difficulty locating the orders when they began the process of execution, we shall not be capable of bringing modifications of command or cancellations when they reached this stage of the treatment. Please examine your command very carefully before subjecting her and in the case that a cancellation is necessary; please contact us as soon as possible to increase the probability to stop your command before she is handled. Unfortunately, no guarantee can be made.

 Errors, misprints and omissions:

Our objective is to supply information up to date and exact on our site. However, errors, misprints and omissions can sometimes arise. They include, but are not limited to the inaccuracy or an incomplete price, descriptions, specifications, photos or illustrations. SmartIOT Technology does not guarantee that the contents of the site are exact or complete. Before the shipping or of delivery of matter which orders, SmartIOT Technology can cancel it, reject it, correct it, or end any order of product, service or insurance for which price was incorrectly shown or when we have erroneous, incomplete or inaccurate information. SmartIOT Technology can cancel, refuse, to correct or end any stage of the processing of the order, including after an order was submitted and confirmed, your credit card or debit card was loaded. In case your order is cancelled by SmartIOT Technology after your credit card or debit card was already produced, SmartIOT Technology will publish immediately a credit in your account of payment card of the amount of the fee. The policies of banks or individual cash registers of credit will determine when this amount is credited on your account. SmartIOT Technology is not obliged to perform any sale of product, service or insurance on errors, misprints, or omissions on our site. SmartIOT Technology can at any time, without advance notice nor responsibility to any user of the site ( a ) to correct any error, inaccuracy or omission; ( B ) modify products and services available on the site, or the prices, the expenses, the description and the specifications of these products, services, and the insurance; ( C ) the limit, promotional or other quantities, available on the sale.


Limited guarantee:

SmartIOT Technology guaranteed that the product is in good working order and exempt from defect of materials and from manufacturing for a period of (1) year for the products Retails, or thirty ( 30 ) days for products OEM from the date of the invoice of origin unless otherwise stipulated below or by the own policy of the guarantee of the manufacturer.  The responsibility of SmartIOT Technology is also limited to the repair or to the replacement, at his/her convenience, any returned defective product, postage paid, to SmartIOT Technology, according to the procedure of return of goods described in the section goods procedure of return below. The buyer will support any responsibility for expenses and risks of loss or damage of shipping during the transport during a product return to SmartIOT Technology. The products which were submitted to abuses, the change, of negligence or unauthorized repair or installation, such as determined only by SmartIOT Technology, are not covered by this guarantee. Any modification, addition, improvements or attachments in the product which is not authorized in writing by the SmartIOT Technology is considered for being a renunciation of this guarantee by the buyer and return this null and void guarantee. SmartIOT Technology will send back the product repaired or replaced to the buyer, to its expenses via the service of regular transport in Canada. The shipment charges by all other methods and in all other destinations are chargeable to the buyer.




The goods procedure of return:

( A ) To obtain a number RMA " Return Merchandise Authorization ", the buyer must:

1. Communicate by e-mail the representative of the customer service of SmartIOT Technology.

2. Supply the number of the invoice, the purchase date, the serial number of articles to be returned, and the reason of return.

The numbers of RMA are valid 15 days from the date of emission.


(B) Emballage and Shipping

1. By joining a copy of the invoice of origin of every returned article.

2. Pack articles in original packing with all the accessories, including manuals, cables, diskettes, CD etc.

3. Mark the number of RMA clearly outside of every parcel.

4. Send in SmartIOT Technology, postage paid and insurant.


(C) The replacement or the repair will be made when the product is received by SmartIOT Technology. No anticipated replacement is available.


(D) The buyer has to pay the following miscellaneous expenses:

1. Articles returned to the warranty period, which have no noticed defect:

15$ plus return freight.

2. The repairs off guarantee (realized only in the acceptance of SmartIOT Technology):. 50 $ per hour of work, plus parts and return freight.



Politics of return:

Subject to a restocking fee of 20 %, SmartIOT Technology will allow the return of certain products, under certain conditions. The following procedures must be followed if you want to obtain a credit for a product return:

First of all, you have to obtain a number of authorization of return.

Secondly, the article of return must be accompanied with a number of authorization of return and be received in the warehouse of SmartIOT Technology at the latest twenty four ( 24 ) days after the shipping ofSmartIOT Technology during the sale of the product. You have to pay the shipping for returned articles. A restocking fee of 20 % will be subtracted from the credit for the returned products. Certains elements, if it were opened, will not be covered by this politics of return. Not covered articles include the software of every manufacturer.


THIS RETURN POLICY IS NOT A WARRANTY. SmartIOT Technology reserves the right to change or to cancel it at any time before accepting your order. For all refunds, you need to precisely follow the previous return procedures to ensure the return of your refund. You need to also allow a reasonable period of time for the product to arrive at our warehouse and pass an inspection process. When your return is accepted, we will process your credit as soon as possible.


The technical support:

SmartIOT Technology supplies a technical support for the most part of its products. Certain products can use the technical support supplied by the manufacturer.



Limitation of responsibility:

The maximal responsibility for products bought with SmartIOT Technology is limited to the purchase price which you paid for products. So, SmartIOT Technology will not be responsible for any damage in the property, the wounds, the loss of use, interruption of activity, loss of profit or other consecutive, indirect, secondary, punitive or special damage. It applies to all the situations whatever is the cause, whether it is for violation of the guarantee, contractual, criminal (including the carelessness(negligence)), strict or other responsibility, other than the damage which are incapable of limitation, exclusion or limitation by virtue of the applicable law. This policy of return ONE IS NOT GUARANTEED. SmartIOT Technology reserves the right to modify or to cancel it at any time before accepting your order. For all the refunds, you have to follow exactly the procedures of return previous to assure the return of your refund. You also have to allow a period of reasonable time so that the product manages at our warehouse and to make a success of a process of inspection. When your return is accepted, we shall handle your credit as soon as possible.




The licenses of the material products and the software products is attributed to you during the shipping by SmartIOT Technology.



Any dispute, controversy or complaint against ensuing SmartIOT Technology either relating to these Terms and Conditions, their interpretation or the violation, the termination or the validity of this one, or a related purchase must be settled exclusively and definitively by arbitration administered by a law firm. The arbitration will be led in front of a unique arbitrator, and will be only limited to the dispute or of a controversy between you and SmartIOT Technology. The arbitration has to take place in the district of Laval, QC, Canada personally, by telephone or on-line. Any decision made in such arbitration procedures will be final and compulsory for each of the parts, and the judgment can be declared in a court of competent jurisdiction. The arbitrator will not attribute special, exemplary, indirect, punitive, accidental or indirect damage or fees of lawyer and each party gives up irrevocably such a right to recover this damage. The parts will be divided the expenses of the arbitration, (including the fees of the arbitrator, if necessary) the proportion which the final judgment concerns the amount of the initial claim.


The additional conditions:

Any additional or altered terms attached or adhering to an order shall be null and void and without effect, unless agreed to in writing by NCIX.com. These terms and conditions may not be modified, altered or amended without the written agreement of SmartIOT Technology.




If an arrangement of these terms and conditions is considered illegal, invalidates or not enforceable, in all or in part, the legality, the validity and the applicability of the remaining capacities will not be affected or decreased. The terms and the conditions expressed in the present are declared to be divisible. General: you cannot give up the present agreement without the preliminary written consent of SmartIOT Technology. SmartIOT Technology is the beneficiary aimed by this agreement. If there is incompatibility between the present agreement and of any other inclusive agreement or relating to products bought with SmartIOT Technology, this agreement will have precedence.


International transport - Conditions Limitations:

Unless otherwise specified, all the manuals of products, instructions, requirements regarding labeling and the warnings of safety can not be in the languages of the country of destination. The customer is responsible for making sure that the product can be legally imported in the country of destination. During the order ofSmartIOT Technology, the addressee is the official importer and has to conform to all the laws and regulations of the country of destination. The orders sent in countries outside Canada can be submitted to taxes of import, customs duties and expenses collected by the country of destination which are imposed when a shipping reaches your country. Additional costs for the customs clearance must be supported by the beneficiary. SmartIOT Technology has no control over these expenses and cannot predict that they can be. SmartIOT Technology recommends you to contact your office of local customs for more information.



Every country has its own guidelines to determine which products should be limited to the import. As general 



We value your private life however, the cross-border shippings are subjected to the opening and the inspection by the customs authorities.